Wear Gray for a Day 2010

This event that runs from 09/12/2010 through 09/25/2010 is to raise money for the American Brain Tumor Association.  Designers in S/L have created items for the event and proceeds will be donated in part to the ABTA, for more information about the cause you can read the official blog here GRAYfortheWIN and get a list of vendors that are participating in such a worthy cause.

With the Hair Fair, DU4 and Wear Gray for a Day my closet is brimming to capacity with new items, and while everyone will be blogging about those things, I have opted to go Gray for my contribution to the cause…….literally gray.

It was a lot of fun going gray, this skin is from Mynerva its from the Platinum Hunt and a great canvas for my eyes to  radiate from.      
I love this pose, its from [MAGIC NOOK] Love part of the Vanity Mirror Set you can purchase at DU4
I make fun look sexy and easy……..cause it is!

I love this outfit from [ Cynful ], its casual, fun and cute! One sale now for 1L here is Limo because I love you guys so much! 
I never thought being gray could be so HAWT! This cute little dress Ivana in Red by House of Hucci snaps, crackles and pops in all the right places!
The jewelry set I am wearing is from Phoenix Rising – Journey Set
I will never think being gray is boring thing ever again!


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