Skin Review – WaRpEd PeRcEpTiOn

I’ve never previewed a skin before so this is a first for me, for my normal day to day wear I have a few favorites that i alternate between depending on what I am wearing, my mood or activity I am partaking in. When it comes to skin I tend to be pretty picky about the face, shading, body and so forth. In saying that for the pics I take for my blog I will take creativity into account and wear a skin that maybe doesn’t suit my personal taste but fits the outfit I am wearing.

Ok all that said let me get on with my review……

My sister told me about a skin she had tried and decided that she has found her one true love in S/L finally…..*rolls my eyes* you have to know her to understand that she falls in love the way she changes clothes….about 50 times a day! LOL So I was a bit nonchalant about her latest love until I saw it on her and really liked that face and decided to give it a try.

The skin is WaRpEd PeRcEpTiOn made by Kalika Darkstone, the tone I am reviewing is ::.WP.::Glam-Honey-Iced a group gift (::.WaRpEd PeRcEpTiOn.::VIP Group) there is a cost associated with joining but well worth it.

The Face is very fresh and innocent looking, I am not really big into eyeshadow on the skin I wear so I hope to see some nudes, but this I can live with.

I am not sure what the protocol is on showing nudity on blogs so this is warning that the pics below are nude but what I consider tastefully done.

When I initially saw the breast on this skin I was a bit taken aback thinking someone had sneaked into my room and took pics of mine…….*sighs* LOL

The body is exquisitely done, even-toned, no shadows or blurry spots, one of the best in skin that I have seen.

Why is the quality of the body so important when often times; than not we are in clothes?

Well for those garments that are plummeting verso/recto décolletage (low cut in the back or front) or made where lots of skin that is normally covered is exposed. There is nothing like loving the outfit you are wearing than seeing blotchy spots!

There are two lines available now from ::.WP.:: for purchase:
the above:
Glam – 3 tones each 800L or fat-pack 2200L
Fall – 3 tones each 800L or fat-pack 2200L
(check out my flicker page I demo’d this line)
My Flicker

I will definitely keep my eye open for more skins from Warped Perceptions

Traveling Chica


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