Hair Fair Update 2…..The Freebies & Gifts

Is it possible to sprain your wrist….ankle…..head from to much shopping? Ummmmm…….hell yeah you can!!! I am mortified at my shameless weakness for hair and spending at the hair fair but know that my contribution will help a wonderful charity. Thankfully I can justify my spending with the hair I bought and also these cool freebies, I will share some of my favorites. So I know I tend to be slightly verbose i will just share with you my picks and finds from the fair.

– .:EMOtions:. * BELINDA * /naturals

! W&Y MODEL HAIR 25 New *A* by WAKA Flow
WAKA & Yuki Tskiji Shop ,TSUKIJI (128, 74, 30)

Front View

Back View

(Dernier Cri) Hair Fair 2010 Goodie Box
(Dernier Cri) Camelia – All Shades

!SyDS! Gift Hair for HF2010
[!SyDS! Hair] HF2010GIFT – Cafe



*DarkerSide* Hair Fair Dollarbie
*DarkerSide* Pinned Auburn

Classic and elegant hairstyle bit not rigid

Back view

Girls just wanna have fun!!
*Filigreemotion* Womens HF Gift
~F~ Xenia (Onyx)

:F@C: Gift Box (Hairfair 2010)

Hair -:F@C: Tirade (green & purple)

Skin – :F@C: Vert (female)
[NikitaFride] GIFT – Hair Fair 2010 -NikitaFride Exquisite Rock Diva

How do you make it look so stylish they ask……”I’m a ROCK STAR” she answered……

[NikitaFride] Exquisite Rock Diva – Hair Fair 2010

Sometimes you have to rock out with your…….sock out..*winks*
[Raspberry Aristocrat] Hair Fair Freebie’s

[RA] Halia Hair – Red Passion

HairGair Gift from IrEn

This skin made me laugh my butt off its called “I went to the hair fair wearing to many prims”…….well done &Bean



The clean version of the skin


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