….Off to the 2010 HAir Fair…Oh Me Oh My!!

It’s crunch time and I am running of adrenaline and a few cups of coffee, why you maybe thinking?? Well its the best time of the year outside of my Rez-Day and Christmas…….HAIR FAIR TIME!!! MMMMMMMM I am salivating at the gorgeous hairs I have I seen and demo’s today, one the top my list is Plooms, my new favorite place to get my coif just as I like it, unfortunately I have no demo’s of the hair to show you but I can only say “OH MUH GAWD BECKY!…….yes just a little hyper and jittery if you can’t tell

I did manage to get a demo from the Curio Group Notice for hairs that will be at the hair fair, I took a few pics to share two of the 4 styles that were given:

Hairstyle – Fauxhemian – by Curio – Light Red_002
Skin – LAQ ~ Pearl – 05 [Fair] Glow skin

Hairstyle – Jade – by Curio – Muted Purple
Skin – Lara Skin-Sophie/Pale

Ok some “Do’s & Don’ts” to make your trip to the fair easy, fun and successful:

1. Leave the glam at home – Wear something simple and forgo the primes that add lag to an event like this

DON’T – Leave the Flexi hairstyles, bling and jewelry at home, added prims add to your ARC which can cause lag.

DO – Dress simple, sometimes less is stylish

2. Sometimes getting the demo and taking it home is easier, all those bodies on a sim trying on hair cause major lag-fest so unless you are going to be taking a trip this weekend, grab demo’s and go, you can come back for the actual purchase making your life a lot easier.

3. Be polite to all, no one sets out to bump into your precious pixels on purpose, if it happens, smile with grace and dignity and carry on like the veteran shopper you are.

4. Last but most important rule…….HAVE FUN!!!

FYI -The Hair Fair 2010 starts midnight SLT on the 4th of September and ends the 19th of September. For more info about the fair and it’s purpose please visit:http://hairfair.wordpress.com/

Hope to see you at the fair. Until my next post travel well and in style!

TT Chica


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