>Vision Restaurant…..Raising the bar for Dining in S/L

>So yesterday I was sitting at home working away on pictures and for upcoming blogs, when my partner X came home earlier from work. This being a rare treat to have him so early I jumped at the chance to spend some quality one on one time with him and what better way but over an early dinner.

Slipping on my new Dncorde Danse Booties from LeeZu; to go with my favorite outfit of the day 2nd Moon from Sweetest Good-Bye , applying lip gloss than smoothed back my hairdo Steff from my new favorite hair store Ploom we headed out the door to a new restaurant called Visions.

Waiting to be seated by our hostess

The location is on the isle of Delicious and what a perfectly fitting name for one of the best dining experiences I have had in s/l.

Entrance to Vision

Front Aerial View

Arriving to Visions we quickly discovered that reservations are a must, but our hostess Ms2Luv was very accommodating and squeezed us in on the calendar. Waiting for our table I took in the decor, very clean and elegant yet not understated or pretentious in its effect to deliver a truly remarkable dining affair.

Visions proprietor Ray Hoffman also owns and designs for the ENVISIONS BUSINESS which makes home furnishings, event planning decor, baby furniture and prefab homes, so there is no surprise this establishment (Vision Restaurant) is so well done with every detail of your time there thought out.

I highly recommend the Iced Sweet Tea and Bay fresh Oysters!

Xerian opted for something a bit stronger from the well stocked bar to go with his grilled prawns

Everything was fresh and well presented

Reservations; again are a requirement but you can take a chance on being seated by just showing up as we did. The menu boast traditional Americana cuisine, breakfast, lunch and dinner available at all times, desserts are true to form as the rest of the of the menu, traditional and yummola!

Grilled Prawn on a bed of herb Ensalada

Bay Oysters on the half shell served on crisp butter lettuce with the house spicy cocktail sauce.

Our server “King” was very professional, patient and accommodating showing exceptional knowledge of the dishes and ready with suggestions. His humor was greatly welcomed too as in the past we have had servers that were nice but very stiff and cold.

King our Server for the evening

Kitchen where the magic happens for the succulent meals
I was expecting to finds elves lol

The clientele is very diverse and pleasant chatter is plentiful

Pork Chop Entree

Whiskey Infused Grilled hand-cut Ribeye with ran seared Prawns on the side.

Vision Restaurant offers:
-Tables for 2, 4 or more open 7 days a week
-American and California cuisine, seafood and
-Outside courtyard and inside window seating with ocean views
-Anchored yacht available for rent
-Private events of all sizes available to book
-Wedding package with full wait service, catering, party favors and so much more. Packages are 5 star with several to fit any budget.
-Karaoke and live music on select nights

Freshly prepared food being served hot

When this guy gets full you know the servings are hearty!

View of the outside courtyard dining

Vision Restaurant: Isle of Delicious. 7 Days a Week, Lindens only, Full Bar, Valet Parking, No Takeout, America/Californian Cuisine. Recommended dishes: Spring Rolls, Grilled Prawns, Oyster on the Half Shell, Grilled Pork Chops, Prime Rib, Cheesecake.
Attire: Semi Casual to Formal

Desserts are made fresh daily

The cheesecake was creamy and fluffy just the way I like!

Until next time, travel well and happy eating!

I am sure this skirt fit when I left home…….

LM to places mentioned in this blog posting
Vision – Vision Restaurant
[LeeZu!] Couture Dncorde Danse Booties Ambience
[SG*] Sweetest Goodbye – 2nd Moon Outfit – Khaki
ploom – ploom Seffy in Coal


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  1. >WOW!!!!! Im starving now just looking at those pictures! Im soooo making reservations and grabbing some pals and getting our grub on!!!You and X looked sooo cute together, as always. Yours truely,FFF (First Fav Fan)

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