I have struggled to write about the next place I am featuring as its very unique, visually stunning and eclectic in a way that I have never seen in s/l before. I spent a total of 3 days just exploring the area, taking pictures and lots of talking to myself over how incredibly awesome and…….EPIC the things I was seeing here.

Ok, first you have to know that most times I do my exploring there is someone with me to share the experience and get a sense of what I am going to blog from their reaction as well as mine.

One this outing it was all me and therefore you can imagine the comic eloquence of that one way conversation, but than it hit me that sometimes as in life somethings are better left unsaid and a picture (in this case a whole lot) is really worth more than words can express.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them.

Omega Point spans two sims and is covered in so many richly opulent sections that its hard to give you more than my goofy “OMG” face.

But here are a few facts that I dig about it on my own:

Located on the two sims of Alpha Point & OmegaPoint

Alpha Point is owned by Masoon Ringo and has an update group that you can join to keep up with events and such.

Omega Point on the other hand is owned by Sweetlemon Jewell and also has its own update group.

There are a few different means of travel around the two sims in pods that are piloted by the rider but allows for really great photo’s to be taken that would be hard to get from the ground.

The site is made up of 9 areas
Lost Time Ballroom/Hallucinatory Circuit/Lost Bridge/ Alien Vedetta (anyone can play freely)

Area Genesis (Beginning from here) Floating Meditation Zone/ Area Psi/ Flying Bubble (Anyone can play freely) / Omega Old Point

So many breathtaking views, its hard to decide which pics to post!
(see the entire collection here: myflickerpage)

The stairway on its on brilliance in structure could be the “la pièce de résistance”

With so many different areas to see, you won’t be short of photo opportunities!.

Galloping Beauty

Thankfully the elephant was nice about my shameless picture addiction

Circus Freak!!!

Celtic Hide Away Area

Omega Point is just as stunningat night!

This is a great family day out or date night place.

Check out the floating bubble pods!

It’s a great way to see the view from a better angle.

I look so serene sitting in the pod……hehehe

The Meditation Room…..nooommmmmm

Around every corner was something spectacular and better than the last area!

After taking the sights there is a gift shop area to makes purchases and even a place to rest and have a much needed tea break!

Until we meet again
Travel well!

2 responses

  1. >WOW. How dare you go to such an outrageous place without me, you owe me cookie time now. Those pictures are gorgeous, and girl what you wearing??? I LOVE that outfit with the red top. Im sooo grabbing every available friend and going exploring Indiana Jones style. Keep up these blogs, the places are amazing. You know I love you,Your FFF (BFF too)Kalea Blue

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