My friends and I love going out, but with our crazy work schedules and s/l commitments lately its been kinda hit or miss with us.

My BFF’s are 3 of the most intelligent, witty, stylish chica’s in s/l so hanging out with them is always a riot to say the least. Pippa is the Aussie girl, long legged with smoldering good looks and great head on her shoulders, Kalea is the slapstick, roflmao friend that keeps us all in stitches with her silliness and constant blond moments, Alyei is the quiet one, she holds a lot of knowledge in that pretty little aloof head of hers; she is the voice of reason but often times the antagonist when the mood strikes her, and than there is moi yours truly and the only way to describe myself is…..random. LOL

So its safe to assume that our GNO’s (Girls Night Out) are eclectic and fun, this week we decide to do a “pub crawl” and found some pretty cool places to kinda kick back enjoy the music.

Our first stop was to

+++BLACK LABEL+++ – Its the place where beautiful people go to see and be see on the bay! The decor is posh and modern from the red carpet front entrance to the well stocked perfectly situated bar. The pool table was a hot area to see the cute guys in there best uh…..form…leaning over the table playing with their balls. *smirks at her own cleverness* The club is comprised of 3 levels a VIP section, stunning view of the bay and quiet little areas for more intimate conversations.

Music selections is Hard Rock / Heavy Metal / Hardcore / Punk/ Pops / R&B / HipHop / Funk / Reggae / Jazz / Techno / Trance / Electro / Alternative.

After a few spins on the dance floor and partaking in delicious drinks we moved the party on (via designated driver of course) to

Franks Place Jazz – Boasted to be “SL’s Premier Dance CLub ” we arrived and immediately realized we were not exactly dressed for this venue, its elegance romance is ballroom dancing at its finest, the music is very relaxed and smooth. This is definitely a couples venue and great first date place; lots of picture ops to scrapbook those special moments in the arms of your someone special.

We took in the scene and soon took our leave from Franks, moving the party limo on to the third destination

Front of Lilly’s Irish Pub

Friendly Irish pub with live a DJ its inviting, warm atmosphere greeted us with the sounds of Enya’s Orinoco Flow (Sail Away)” and hearty “dia duit” from the local patrons.

The ice cold draft on tap “Goodness” was perfect place to kick back and relax on a quick reprise from GNO. After friendly conversation and a pint or two or little group recharged now and ready to dance our asses off said our goodbyes.

Next stop…..

.::CLUB ZERO::. – This club struck me right away as a place I could let my hair down and have some fun, dance and make new friends.

Did I mention the dancing?? Music was a great mixture of tunes for all taste, the crowds was as diverse as the tune selection, Rebekah Lyter was an awesome DJ with a sexy voice and the dance floor wasn’t overly crowded so lag was not a problem.

Club Zero was a hit with us all but I think Kalea summed it best with her comment as we left “this is a place you can dance until sweat falls off!!”

Into the Limo we go………………

We arrived at this next place in high spirits and feeling a little intoxicated on bubblegum shots on the drive over

(My Magical Hypnotic Move……So I’ve been told)

alt7 – Alternative Indie Music – Cute, relaxing club on the beach with 24/7 DJ’s and music.

(Kalea frame blocking…..AGAIN!)

A great place to listen to alternative indie music like Death Cab for Cutie – Title And Registration that was playing as we descended the stairs down to the dance area. alt7 is one of those places that can easily become your local meet up spot, casual night out go to place.

(Our shocked looks seeing our thighs)

The sitting area’s for groups, the out side balcony area to kick back and chat the night away while listening to great music is something everyone can get into. We discovered a photo booth and shamelessly crowded inside taking picks of ourselves and laughing like silly school girls, than heading back to the main floor we danced into the wee hours of the morning ending at my new favorite place alt7 with DJ Krisy Constantine, all in all it was a nice locale to end our long, crazy night.


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  1. OH my gaw, Im STILL recovering from that awesome GNO. I stole my shot glass from our bubble gum shots heehee. It sits proudly with all our other mementos from adventures past.FFF

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