>Sometimes getting lost is good fun……..


Today I was just tping around and discovered the most amazing random place, Fury was looking for shoes to go with a really cute outfit she picked up from Gawk! when we ended up in a place called Risk City
Risk City can’t really be describe save to say its really cool, odd, weird and a place you should definitely check out with some friends!

This is so gonna hurt Fury!!!



I raved about this place so much Nattya came to join in on the fun

Yeah…………….we are really sisters, but she is an odd one

The Majestic Sea Gods standing watch over our romp through their land.

When I saw this eye thing the tune”can’t take my eyes off you, you’d be like heaven to touch…..“popped into my head.

Great displays scattered around the sim

The night sky here is so hauntingly beautiful

Hugs until next blog


3 responses

  1. >FM your FFF,I remember visiting there with you, talk about weird and hauntingly beautiful and fun! Sooo many kew things to check out all over that sim. I LOVE the pictures you took, those are breathtaking.Remember falling off the bed when i jumped on it? The one in the fish bowl? heeheeluv ya,Kalea Blue ❤

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