>Bed n Breakfast Experience


Ok so recently on one of my outings I was looking for a bed and breakfast place Xerian (the love of my life) and I to have a weekend get away, and discovered what has to be the most whimsically, romantic and perfect spot in s/l for just that.

It’s called: “Bed & Breakfast Experience”; located in Empress and Hierophant. Upon arrival there is a message board that explains a bit about the sim and gives settings to view your surroundings with authentic countryside feel. (If you are using emerald no worries as the settings are already preloaded for you in sky editor!) There is sooo much to do here that I hope it can be crammed all in to one posting so here goes

-Rent cottages
-Romantic time away with that special someone
-Sit and meditate recharging your inner batteries
-Horseback riding
-Endless waterways for sailing
-PHOTO Ops!!

Walking down the country lane I was inspired by the ambiance and great detail to the landscape, the sim is actually the makers store where builds can be purchased at some point, they were not for sale at the time I visited. There are 3 sims that make up surroundings with almost everything being available to purchase.The makers or what I like to call artist(s) is the talented duo Alchemy and Immortalis Cyannis or under the combined name AlchemyImmortalis Cyannis (take that Brangelina!!)

Here are some pictures of my travels

More info on this blog: (From the creators profile inworld)

AlchemyImmortalis – the dream merchants- We create props, scenes & experiences that invite suspension of disbelief & help you to live a more magical life.

Empress and Hierophant – This sim will offer opportunities for short term holiday stays soon, along with a small, a rustic, country architectural antiques & salvage company. Enjoy your stay & please feel free to explore our other SIM “Alchemy Immortalis”

Inis Caiseal – (pronounced Inish Cash-el) – Soon to be home to Immortalis Cyannis’ new shoppe and the Alchemy Immortalis Bed & Breakfast Experience. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Inis%20Caiseal/180/130/30



2 responses

  1. >FFF: First Fan FavoriteOMG. I LOVE this blog chica!!!! I cant wait to read about more places. You have ALWAYS been so good at finding all the treasures and excitement of SL. I am absolutely your first fan who finds this her FAVORITE blog. The pictures are amazing, and I cant wait to visit the B&B!!! This is wonderfully detailed and informative, leaves no questions to be desired. I am soooo impressed.I am telling all my friends and sharing this blog…. cuz Im your best FFF!!!!Kalea Blue ❤

  2. >About time you did this. The girl who *just knows stuff* needs to share it and this blog is perfect! Anyone serious about exploring SL or wanting the best experience will be following this blog. Congrats on your first post. Can't wait to read more. xx

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